‘Elsewhere, photographs have their central image of civic-minded statues methodically rubbed out a` la Joe Orton so all that’s left is a plinth and a backdrop of a wall or trees in park.’

Neil Cooper
The List,
February 2009

‘A wine rack is the ultimate symbol of bourgeois aspiration, I suppose in my head I’ve got this fictional suburban man who’s this cross between Reginald Perrin and Bob’s wife in Rita, Sue and Bob Too. He’s got this conjectural auto-biography, and I’m constantly taking things from his house. But it’s not an attack. It’s part celebration, part love song.’

Jonathan Owen ­

doggerfisher is delighted to present a new body of work by Jonathan Owen. In a sequence of works on paper, Owen has transformed found images through the careful removal of the printed ink. Using only a rubber and the tip of a blade, the image is meticulously manipulated through the gentle obliteration of the existing image. Owen imagining what was once invisible.