doggerfisher is delighted to present an exhibition of video works selected from REWIND, a video archive held at the Visual Research Centre, at the University of Dundee. Drawing together work by 6 artists: Ian Breakwell, David Hall, Mick Hartney, Tina Keane, Chris Meigh-Andrews and Stephen Partridge, these works arguably document a key period of intense experimentation in what was then a relatively new medium.

Video is today considered an integral aspect of many contemporary artists’ practice. It was in 1967 that the Sony Rover, a portable recording device (known as the Portapak), became readily available, to both artists and a wider public. In 1975, The Video Show at the Serpentine Gallery, London (Hall, Partridge, Breakwell exhibited with Hall as a vital organizing force behind it) marked what was arguably a formal recognition of the ‘video artist’. Following the success of this exhibition, a number of artists founded LVA (London Video Arts), which evolved in to what is today LUX, a London-based organization and distributor which promotes and supports artists working with the moving image.

doggerfisher has selected a number of significant works from the REWIND archive for this exhibition. REWIND is a research project set up in 2003, to provide a resource to address the gap in historical knowledge and documentation of electronic media in the UK. There was a legitimate fear that many of video works from the 1970s and 1980s might be lost because of their ephemeral nature. Part of REWIND’s remit is to preserve these works.