‘Time is thin around the cause and dense around the effect’

Nikolai Kozyrev 1908 – 1983

Furter has an on-going interest in the supernatural and the so-called natural. Taking the title, Spark Erosion, Furter wishes to suggest both the split second and the long-term, and question how over time, our perception of the supernatural and the natural alters. To this end, Furter has turned the gallery into a place where superstitions, traditions, geology and phenomena all jostle for space and attention and time.

On each of the three gallery walls, Furter has applied powder graphite to create gunmetal grey bands in various widths. These bands emphasize the horizontal lines of the gallery’s architecture but also provide a hanging device for the drawings. The bands also hint at a sense of continuity, even a time line but they also provide an optical tease. The pencil drawings, set at various intervals and heights, take as their starting point visual records of phenomena, dreams and visions gathered by Furter.

At the centre of the gallery are arranged a series of stone-like objects. Entitled Erratic Pebbles, they take their name from ‘erratic boulders’, vast rocks that, once in the path of an advancing glacier, were moved by glacier-force to an improbable location. In contrast, Erratic Pebbles with their psychedelic swirls of colour are a confection of artificiality. They are arranged with careful precision on a series of plinths.

Franziska Furter was born in 1972 in Zurich. Recent exhibitions include Fleeting here, Galerie Schleicher + Lange, Paris; Nowhere is here, The Drawing Room, London and touring to Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth & Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin (2008). Full House, Galerie Friedrich, Basel; Group Show, Elastic, Malmo, Sweden. Future exhibitions include Fondation D’Enterprise Ricard, Paris. She lives and works in Berlin.