doggerfisher is delighted to be showing new work by Alexander Heim. It is Heim’s first solo exhibition in the UK. The German-born Heim studied at Goldsmiths College, London. He recently exhibited at the ICA, London, in Nought to Sixty, a series of exhibitions by emerging artists based in the UK and Ireland, marking the sixtieth birthday of the institution.

‘Heim establishes an elemental poetic vocabulary from urban mundanity, which is incarnated in the simultaneously abject and elegant sculptures nearby.’

Jonathan Griffin, Frieze review of Nought to Sixty, June 2008

Heim’s work draws together sculpture, video, photography and drawing. In many ways Heim’s eye is drawn to the margins of the urban landscape and the flotsam and jetsam found along often half-deserted roads, pavements and canal walkways. In his new film, Costa, Heim’s camera follows the wanderings of various pigeons. For Heim the feral pigeon whose ancestors were the rock dove, are a creature that conforms neither to our idea of the ‘wild’ or the ‘domesticated’. Heim also notes the fact that in German the word for both dove and pigeon is die taube. And Heim, through a series of new sculptures made from papier-mâché, suggests vertiginous cliffs or perhaps the dull grey of the urban sprawl that rock doves now inhabit.

Throwing in audio incongruity, the soundtrack to Costa is of a woman getting ready for an evening out. Moreover, his wall-mounted ceramic bowls, seem to suggest musical notes on a vast stave.

‘Heim’s practice addresses those intrusions into urban life where animals, processes and chance routines create self-sustaining pockets of otherness. The work examines things that happen – despite the planned nature of the urban environment – on their own.

In the altered scheme of nature proffered by Heim conventional distinctions between ‘natural’ and ‘man-made’ are disrupted. Rather than holding up the moral card of environmentalism, the artist’s observations appear to provide a view of nature in which everything, even a crisp packet, has its place.’

Melissa Gronlund, Nought to Sixty publications, June 2008

Alexander Heim (born 1977 Hamburg) completed his MFA at Goldsmiths College, London. Recent exhibitions include Nought to Sixty, ICA, London; Feeling gave way to structure, The Approach E2 (2008); Bloomberg New Contemporaries; Galerie Karin Günther, Hamburg; Iduna Nova, a/c Anna-Catharina Gebbers Berlin; Friedrich, doggerfisher, Edinburgh (2007). Future projects include Art Basel Miami with Markus Amm and Ellen Gronemeyer. Heim lives and works in London.