doggerfisher is delighted to show a new series of oil paintings, watercolour on paper and drawings by Hanneline Visnes.

This is Visnes’ second exhibition at doggerfisher. Since her first exhibition ‘Ring around Paradise Square’ at the gallery in 2004, Visnes has become further engaged in the territory between the painstaking detailing of a repetitive pattern and what can be suggested through fields of colour.

In ‘Light Formation’, Visnes has created a lace-like intricacy of paintwork that appears near luminous on a background of dense black paint. In ‘Imperial Purple’, a gentle floral pattern has been partially eclipsed by a blast of intense purple watercolour. Here the paints own energy is apparent as Visnes has let it drip, move and spread across the paper. It is this tension between highly controlled mark making and another form of mark marking: where the paint is let loose yet still governed by Visnes, that makes the work so intriguing.

Visnes’ practice explores the nature of painting and its history. Taking its influences from 17th century Dutch still life painting to colour field painting of the 20th century, Visnes uses oil paint, gouache and watercolour and objects such as snuff boxes and Spanish 17th jewellery, birds and elaborate patterns to describe both actual objects and a mood.

Hanneline Visnes (born 1972, Bergen, Norway) studied at Glasgow School of Art and completed her MFA in 2002. Recent exhibitions include The crow wants everything to be black, Pump House Gallery, London (2006); Imagine the Universe bursts in to song, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London (2006); A Moment in Time, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (2005); Ring around Paradise Square, doggerfisher (2004) and Prague Biennale (2003). Hanneline Visnes lives and works in Glasgow.