doggerfisher is delighted to present new work by Moyna Flannigan as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival 2006. well, Well is Flannigan’s first solo show in the UK since her highly-acclaimed exhibition of portrait miniatures at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in 2004.

Moyna Flannigan is celebrated for her paintings: frequently portraits of fictitious individuals who appear to inhabit a strange yet intriguing, interior world.

In well, Well, Flannigan moves into more fantastical territory. In her new work, inspired by the works of Goya, Hogarth, Gillray and Bacon, through to the 
films of Fellini and Orson Welles and current global politics, Flannigan melds fantasy and social commentary with an undertow of slapstick. Plucking pictorial conventions from art history – fallen heroes, allegory and 
vanitas portraiture — Flannigan’s imagination and pictorial invention point towards another kind of reality.

‘The lie of fiction, the lie of film and the ultimate lie of visual art are seemingly necessary to the human psyche because without them we could not bear the brutal limitations of ordinary reality, the everyday truth of factual existence. We want to believe in the story, in the screenplay, we want to believe that what we are seeing is alive not just a re-presentation so we can surpass our bodily limits, just as we need to sleep in order to outwit time.’

‘Moyna Flannigan allows us just such pleasures, indulges us in the lush rewards of her imagination, the humour and pathos of her highly personal realm, but always with the additional privilege of knowing we are being entertained and tempted to a game in which our complicity feels as sinful as satisfying.’

From ‘Art is the lie that tells the truth’ by Adrian Dannatt from the new publication, Moyna Flannigan: Paintings 1998 – 2006

Moyna Flannigan (born 1963) trained at Edinburgh College of Art and Yale School of Art, USA. In 2005 she received a Creative Scotland Award, National Lottery, Scottish Arts Council. Recent solo shows include Poke, Galerie Akinci, Amsterdam (2006); A Pie in the Kisser, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York (2005); Once upon our time: Portrait Miniatures, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh (2004) and I’m a stranger here myself, doggerfisher, Edinburgh (2002).