Charles Avery first exhibited at doggerfisher in November 2002 with a solo show entitled ‘The Truth about the Truth’. In this his second show at doggerfisher, Avery exhibits for the first time a new body of work ‘The Islanders : an introduction’. For Avery, the exhibition marks the launch of The Islanders, an ambitious project to chart a fantastical world inspired by the Isle of Mull.

The Islanders is part autobiographical and part allegorical. Avery spent the first 6 years of his life on the West Coast island of Mull and went on to spend numerous summer holidays there. It is this island, his memories of both its landscape and inhabitants that inspire his drawings. In many ways Mull was a place of exploration and a first time encounter with the real and with fantasy and dream. It was a place where the imagination could stretch its wings.

Avery now revisits this island. He often talks about his work as charting a journey, an intrepid adventure – one has a sense of Avery being a wanderer in an adventure that dips and weaves between the realm of the real and imagined. As Avery has said ‘artists are professional dreamers, not necessarily because of particular sensibilities but because they need to produce physical evidence of their dreaming. This physical evidence is bounty from the realm of their ideas.’

In the Avatars there is a curious scene of a couple watching on as an elderly, crumpled man seemingly dissects / kills / stuffs a small winged creature. In [the grass is alive] a slender girl stands in an Italinate room surrounding a wonderful warm spread of pink gouache and . . . of course the grass is always alive. Elsewhere forests fade in to the distance and hunters seem unable to seek down their prey.

Charles Avery (born 1973) has exhibited in a number of exhibitions within the UK and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include Hunting the Nourmenon, Galleria Archimede Staffolini, Nicosia; AVATARS. Galleria S.A.L.E.S, Rome (2005), The Hunter, Man in the Holocene, London (2004). Recent group shows include Sculpture Garden, Fortescue Avenue / Jonathan Viner, London; Memphis, Flaca, London (2005); Il Premio di Venezia La Givanne Arte Italiano, Venice Biennale and Dark Shadows, Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles (2003).