Moyna Flannigan paints portraits of fictitious individuals in oil and watercolour. Some individuals seem commonplace, others are unnerving in their appearance, others beguiling. For Flannigan the process of painting a portrait extends over many months. In place of ‘sittings’ Flannigan’s fictitious individuals are drawn from her imagination. The painting process involves a search to identify a particular person and an imaginary context for them.

In ‘I’m a stranger here myself’, Flannigan shows a series of new paintings. The figures, all men, inhabit half-lit interiors, a kind of twilight zone. Painted in rich, earthy colour, the men appear ambiguous — everything is not as it first might appear. They appear to be caught in a private world of fantasy.

Moyna Flannigan (born 1963) studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Yale University School of Art, USA.  She was selected as the Scottish Arts Council scholar at  the British School at Rome in 1997. Flannigan has exhibited in numerous exhibitions within the UK and abroad. Her work is currently on show in New at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. Recent group shows include 2001 Here + Now, Dundee Contemporary Arts, McManus Galleries, curated by Katrina Brown & Rob Tufnell and Open Country – Scotland: Contemporary Scottish Artists, curated by Jorge Zutter, Caroline Nicod and Francis McKee,  Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne, Switzerland. Recent solo shows include 2002 Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York;  2001 Galerie Akinci, Amsterdam and  2000 Galerie Albrecht, Munich. Moyna Flannigan is a Lecturer in painting at Glasgow School of Art. She lives in Edinburgh.