For his first solo show in Scotland, Charles Avery presents new work about knowledge and truth, central themes in Avery’s work.

Avery explores ideas surrounding the ‘atomic’ and the ‘mystic’. The ‘atomic’ works are concerned with mathematics and with definition and order. One work is ‘The Seven Billion Sided Dice’. A construction in wood of nine equilateral triangle-shaped units are united to create a super triangle which measures over two meters in height. Each of the nine triangles is painted a different colour and is composed of four smaller triangles. This allows each unit to positioned in up to nine different combinations and to be orientated in three different directions. The result is a super triangle that can be rearranged to produce over seven billion different combinations.

Avery’s ‘mystic’ works take the form of drawings, paintings and poetry, and are about the folly of believing in absolute principles. The drawings are not what they seem. They appear to be vignettes describing a moment in a much larger narrative. Many of the characters appear to be involved in the pursuit and propagation of knowledge. Avery draws from the imagination. He will draw one character, the second character is then drawn in reaction to the first until a scene is built up. The allows the viewer to concieve a their own narrative surrounding these ‘existential orphans’.

Charles Avery was born in 1973 on the Isle of Mull. Recent solo exhibitions include Triangle Land, Dee Glasoe, New York (2002); Percy Miller Gallery, London (2001) and Sonia Rosso Gallery, Pordenone, Italy (2000). Recent group shows include Supersonic and Alien, S.A.L.E.S., Rome (2002); Flights of Reality, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh & Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge (2002) with Keith Tyson, Grace Weir, Keith Wilson and Matthew Ritchie; Made Space, The Changing Room, Stirling and Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (2000) and Surveying the Landscape, Lombard Freid Gallery, New York, (1999). Charles Avery is currently showing in the Jerwood Drawing Prize, London and touring. He lives and works in Rome.